15 Dec 2020


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

A Brief Introduction to the Gaden Phodrang Government

This work­shop will start with an invest­ig­a­tion into the his­tor­ic­al back­ground upon which the Gaden Phodrang Gov­ern­ment was foun­ded and its pros­per­ous devel­op­ment in the mid 17th cen­tury. We will then look at the priest-pat­ron rela­tion­ship it estab­lished with the Man­chu emper­ors of the Qing dyn­asty, a pro­cess that began in the early 18th cen­tury. Finally, we will con­sider the decline of the gov­ern­ment and how it found itself in India due the inva­sion by the Chinese Com­mun­ist Party in 1950.  This is a 4‑hour work­shop and after each class there will be time for dis­cus­sion and questions.

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