17 Dec 2020


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

An introduction to Western philosophy and logic

By focus­ing on a pas­sage from Plato’s Euthy­phro, I will intro­duce the Socrat­ic meth­ods of dia­logue and argu­ment with which West­ern philo­sophy begins. In par­tic­u­lar, Socrates asks wheth­er piety is what is loved by the gods, or wheth­er the gods love that which is pious. We will then take a closer look at the logic­al form of these Socrates’ ques­tions, con­sid­er­ing the nature of the con­cepts involved. The work­shop will con­clude by con­tem­plat­ing an ana­log­ous ques­tion in eth­ics: is it that our actions are right in vir­tue of align­ing with our mor­al val­ues, or are our mor­al val­ues an attempt to value what is right?


An introduction to philosophical logic:

Philo­soph­ic­al logic describes how we ought to reas­on with some of the most fun­da­ment­al con­cepts which can­not oth­er­wise be defined. In this work­shop, I will present a brief his­tor­ic­al over­view of where mod­ern logic comes from, as well as the meth­ods by which logic pro­ceeds. I will then turn to intro­duce some of the key con­cepts which logic invest­ig­ates, present­ing the stand­ard defin­i­tions of logic­al con­sequence and proof. The work­shop will con­clude with an intro­duc­tion to some of the logic­al sys­tems which have been developed over the past cen­tury and a half.

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