25 Jul 2022 - 05 Aug 2022


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Tibetan Summer School 2022

A unique chance to exper­i­ence Tibetan cul­ture through its lan­guage at Oxford 

We offer intens­ive courses in Tibetan Lan­guage togeth­er with even­ing classes focus­sing on Tibetan Buddhism, cul­ture, and his­tory. The courses are at two levels, ele­ment­ary and lower intermediate,

The courses can only pro­ceed if at least 15 people have signed up by 10th  July.  So please apply soon and by 10th July at the very latest at: easyt­ibetan sum­mer school.

In case you can­not join our in-per­son sum­mer school at Oxford, we also have an online option, which has four dif­fer­ent levels from begin­ners to advanced. For fur­ther details see: easyt­ibetan online sum­mer school.


This is our fourth sum­mer school. We have had 100% pos­it­ive feed­back from our students.

VENUE: The Ori­ent­al Insti­tute, Oxford Uni­ver­sity
LENGTH: Two Weeks (25 July to 5 August)
LEVELS: Ele­ment­ary and Inter­me­di­ate
MINIMUM AGE: 18 years old
HOURS: 3 hours of lan­guage les­sons per day with an addi­tion­al hour-long even­ing les­son on Buddhism and cul­ture)  
CLASS SIZE: Aver­age 8, max­im­um 15 stu­dents in each class.
TIMETABLE: Monday-Fri­day, morn­ing and after­noon.
FEE: £395  for in-per­son course and £350 for online course 


Timetable of both in-per­son and online classes can be found here




The beginner’s course teaches stu­dents the Tibetan alpha­bet, gram­mar, and vocab­u­lary to devel­op basic read­ing skills. At the end of the course, stu­dents will be able to read the Tibetan script and be famil­i­ar with the basic vocab­u­lary and grammar. 

The beginner’s class fol­lows the Manu­al of Authen­t­ic Tibetan by Klara Hendry­chova and Ten­zin Cho­ep­h­el (who teaches this course).

Two lan­guage classes daily:

9:00 — 10:30
13:00 — 14:30



Inter­me­di­ate Course

Already stud­ied a little Tibetan but would like some more prac­tice? This course cov­ers simple gram­mar, essen­tial vocab­u­lary, and basic spoken Tibetan.

By the end of this course stu­dents should:

  • be able to identi­fy and use simple gram­mat­ic­al structures
  • become pro­fi­cient with a Tibetan dictionary
  • be able to read quickly with cor­rect pronunciation
  • be able to read short stor­ies and media art­icles with simple grammar

The inter­me­di­ate class fol­lows the vari­ous texts includ­ing texts pub­lished by Edu­ca­tion Depart­ment of Cent­ral Tibetan Administration 

Two lan­guage classes daily:

11:00 — 12:30
14:30 — 16:00



The Tibetan lan­guage co-exists with a unique and pre­cious cul­ture. This class intro­duces Tibetan cul­ture through the basic fea­tures of Buddhism, med­it­a­tion, his­tory, and civil­iz­a­tion. For this class, aca­dem­ic schol­ars and Tibetan Lamas may come to teach on a range of topics.

One cul­ture class daily:
5:30 — 6:30


Oxford is a rich, vibrant, his­tor­ic city in the shad­ow of Oxford Uni­ver­sity, one of the world’s greatest insti­tu­tions. There is the option for stu­dents to tour Oxford, vis­it­ing its treas­ures includ­ing the Pitt Rivers and Ash­molean museums. These museums house excep­tion­al Tibetan art. The Uni­ver­sity is made up of 39 col­leges, each with its dis­tinct archi­tec­ture, gar­dens, and his­tory. We will organ­ise tours of some of these col­leges includ­ing Christ Church, the home of Harry Potter! 


The fee excludes meals, but Oxford has many res­taur­ants and an inter­na­tion­al food mar­ket at reas­on­able prices.


We provide no accom­mod­a­tion but can help you find lodging in the col­leges and private houses.

Please check Uni­ver­sity Rooms, or The Depart­ment of Edu­ca­tionAirB­nBHomeAway, to book your accommodation.

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