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Designed to sup­port learners of all levels and back­grounds, we believe our online pro­vi­sion provides the tools required for learn­ing and sus­tain­ing engage­ment with the Tibetan lan­guage in the most enjoy­able way.

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Enjoy les­sons with an exper­i­enced Tibetan tutors online and improve quickly with les­sons tailored to your interests, goals, and level.

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Learn Tibetan at a time that suits you from any location.

Les­sons will be tailored to your goals, level, and interests. You’ll learn with a ded­ic­ated tutor, com­mu­nic­at­ing and shar­ing learn­ing mater­i­als just as you would in a classroom.


Since LopLao’s incep­tion in 2017 we have gath­er­ing a broad range of resources to aid you in your Tibetan lan­guage learn­ing endeav­our. Make sure to also check out our weekly Ins­tagram shorts and latest blog entries

Fable stories

Tibet’s Hero

Tibet’s Hero

Tibet is a land of her­oes and heroines. This story depicts the unwaver­ing mar­tyr­dom of a true hero of Tibet called Lobsang

A Sunday Pondering

A Sunday Pondering

The excep­tion­al inner mono­logue of a humble stu­dent con­tem­plat­ing his future


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Hear from our stu­dents first-hand

EasyT­ibetan ran a won­der­ful, intense learn­ing exper­i­ence and always went the extra mile to make sure that all stu­dents were accom­mod­ated as much as pos­sible, in light of our dif­fer­ent learn­ing needs and abil­it­ies. The text we used is one of the best lan­guage-learn­ing texts I’ve seen yet, and I highly recom­mend this course.

Riam­sara Kuyakan­on Knapp

As a com­plete begin­ner, I found the Col­lo­qui­al Tibetan Sum­mer School a won­der­ful exper­i­ence. The teach­er was so gen­er­ous in his teach­ing, and, with his patient encour­age­ment, by the end of the fort­night I was begin­ning to decode this most bewil­der­ing of writ­ten lan­guages. I fully recom­mend the course to any­one will­ing to ‘try hard’, and would myself hap­pily return year after year.

Jenny Skene

The teach­er was a very patient ded­ic­ated instruct­or; the course was well organ­ized with drills in each of the areas of speak­ing, listen­ing, read­ing, and writ­ing; and I greatly enjoyed get­ting to know my very diverse class­mates as well as enga­ging in the fre­quent cul­tur­al activ­it­ies.  My skills improved in con­crete and last­ing ways, and I had fun every single day.

Paul Sir­eci

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