Intensive Tibetan

Tak­ing part in this intens­ive Tibetan lan­guage course is a unique chance to exper­i­ence Tibetan cul­ture through its lan­guage. The intens­ive Tibetan lan­guage course has two levels of classes: Begin­ners and Inter­me­di­ate level.

Begin­ners’ Course

The beginner’s course cov­ers the Tibetan alpha­bet, gram­mar, and vocab­u­lary to hone basic read­ing skills. At the end of the course, stu­dents will be able to read the Tibetan script and be famil­i­ar with the basic vocab­u­lary and gram­mar. We are proud to say that our last year begin­ner’ stu­dents learned how to read Tibetan with­in two weeks!


The begin­ners’ class fol­lows the “Manu­al of Authen­t­ic Tibetan” by Klara Hendry­chova and Ten­zin Cho­ep­h­el – this course’s teacher.

Two classes per day: