Intensive Intermediate Course 

The inter­me­di­ate course is designed for those who have a con­sid­er­able know­ledge of Tibetan lan­guage and gram­mar. The course teaches stu­dents both mod­ern and clas­sic­al Tibetan. There is a wide range of les­sons care­fully pre­pared for this class, from gram­mar to stor­ies to con­ver­sa­tion­al units. Stu­dents will have an oppor­tun­ity to prac­tice their spoken Tibetan with nat­ive Tibetan con­ver­sa­tion part­ners in the afternoons.

The Inter­me­di­ate class fol­lows vari­ous les­sons extrac­ted from the “Manu­al of Authen­t­ic Tibetan” by Klara Hendry­chova and Ten­zin Cho­ep­h­el, the “Manu­al of Stand­ard Tibetan” by Nic­olas Tour­nadre and Sang­da Dor­je, and the school text­books pub­lished by the Edu­ca­tion Depart­ment of Cent­ral Tibetan Admin­is­tra­tion (CTA) in India.


All the course mater­i­als are provided by the organ­isers without any fee.

To apply for this course please con­tact us through the fol­low­ing email address.


Phone No: +44 7511095166