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Designed to sup­port learners of all levels and back­grounds, we believe our online resources provide the tools required to learn Tibetan lan­guage and sus­tain engage­ment with the Tibetan cul­ture in the most enjoy­able way.

What we do

Loplao is a community that strive to preserve, promote, and celebrate Tibetan language and culture. We offer a variety of learning experiences like bite-size social media content, one-to-one online lessons with native speakers, blog posts, YouTube videos and summer and winter schools. 

Our language lesson formats offer flexibility, help keep learners engaged, and improve conversation, reading, and listening comprehension. Designed to support learners of all levels and backgrounds. We believe our online provision provides the tools required for learning and sustaining engagement with Tibetan



Explore Loplao’s diverse Tibetan lan­guage courses, cov­er­ing col­lo­qui­al and clas­sic­al styles. From every­day con­ver­sa­tion to spe­cial­ized scrip­ture and philo­sophy, we cater to all levels and interests. Bene­fit from our extens­ive teach­ing exper­i­ence and rich resources for a dynam­ic learn­ing exper­i­ence. Join us to enhance your read­ing, writ­ing, speak­ing, and listen­ing skills. Dis­cov­er the joy of lan­guage learn­ing with Loplao!



Embark on a journey of inner peace and mindfulness with our enlightening Buddhist course


Immerse yourself in the rich fabrics of Tibetan literature and narratives to explore the philosophies and wisdom of a timeless culture.


Dive into the mystical wonders of Tibetan culture and broaden your horizons with our enriching course


Uncover the ancient secrets of the roof of the world, join us for a Tibetan History course.


The Audacious Uncle

The Audacious Uncle

A family consisting of a destitute mother and her son who lacked even basic necessities…

Selling Pork

Selling Pork

Once day, after secretly killing the fattest pig belonging to King of Naydong, Nichö Zangpo…

Testimonials From Our Customers

EasyT­ibetan ran a won­der­ful, intense learn­ing exper­i­ence and always went the extra mile to make sure that all stu­dents were accom­mod­ated as much as pos­sible, in light of our dif­fer­ent learn­ing needs and abil­it­ies. The text we used is one of the best lan­guage-learn­ing texts I’ve seen yet, and I highly recom­mend this course.

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As a com­plete begin­ner, I found the Col­lo­qui­al Tibetan Sum­mer School a won­der­ful exper­i­ence. The teach­er was so gen­er­ous in his teach­ing, and, with his patient encour­age­ment, by the end of the fort­night I was begin­ning to decode this most bewil­der­ing of writ­ten lan­guages. I fully recom­mend the course to any­one will­ing to ‘try hard’, and would myself hap­pily return year after year.

Testimonial Designation

The teach­er was a very patient ded­ic­ated instruct­or; the course was well organ­ized with drills in each of the areas of speak­ing, listen­ing, read­ing, and writ­ing; and I greatly enjoyed get­ting to know my very diverse class­mates as well as enga­ging in the fre­quent cul­tur­al activ­it­ies. My skills improved in con­crete and last­ing ways, and I had fun every single day.

Testimonial Designation


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If you’re new to Tibetan, our beginner course suits you, while pre-intermediate level is designed for those with existing reading skills looking to enhance basic grammar and speaking. Those comfortable in conversing and reading simple Tibetan texts, typically after two years of study, benefit from our intermediate level. The advanced course is designed for those who can confidently speak and understand Tibetan, and who wish to improve their reading and writing skills. The language of instruction will be in Tibetan only. Visit our Summer School Page for detailed level descriptions.  If you still cannot decide which level is the best for you after that then please get in touch with us as we arrange level testing sessions with students individually. 

We differentiate spoken and written Tibetan, instead of dividing it into classical and modern. This is because any literate person can read 12th-century or earlier Tibetan texts as grammar and syntax have largely remained unchanged. Despite this, the disparity between written and spoken Tibetan is significant. Our beginner’s course sidesteps such complexities, focusing solely on teaching how to read Tibetan — a vital skill for both written and spoken fluency. From pre-intermediate level onwards, students can choose to specialize in written Tibetan for exploring Buddhist and historical texts or spoken Tibetan for fieldwork and tourism in Tibetan communities, or both

We invite volunteers to join us in various projects, including administrative tasks. Donations towards our key projects – fable translation, social media content creation, and Oxford visitorship are highly appreciated. Contact us to volunteer at Loplao and enjoy free enrollment in all our courses.