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Our trans­la­tion team is made up of highly-qual­i­fied indi­vidu­als who have extens­ive exper­i­ence in trans­lat­ing from Tibetan to mul­tiple lan­guages such as Eng­lish, French, and Rus­si­an.  We also have a num­ber of trans­lat­ors who trans­late from Eng­lish and Chinese into Tibetan.  Please feel free to con­tact our trans­lat­ors (below) dir­ectly. The trans­la­tion fee is paid dir­ectly to the trans­lat­or, not to EasyT­ibetan. We are simply here to con­nect you.

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Our Publications 

Dzogchen Khenpo Lhagyal Biography 

by Khenpo Tsöndrü

The birth­place of the glor­i­ous and kind Khenchen Pema Tekchok Loden, also known as Dzo­gchen Khen Lhagyel or Lhagang, was in the Dzo­gchen Drogri val­ley. The names of his par­ents, his birth year, and oth­er details are unknown.[1] Both Dzo­gchen Khenpo Chime Rinpoche[2] and Khenpo Chö­nam Rinpoche[3] were his neph­ews, as was a monk called Wangchuk Tser­ing, who was pro­fi­cient in the scriptures.

Biography of Kunga Palden

by Dilgo Khy­entse Tashi Paljor

This sac­red lord guru was born near the glor­i­ous Sakya mon­as­tery of Galen Teng, which was foun­ded by Ga Anye Dampa near Chögyel Derge Lhun­drub Teng Mon­as­tery. Although he was ini­ti­ated into a reli­gious life [in a mon­as­tery], he con­duc­ted him­self in a rough man­ner. He would wrap stones with anim­al hide held by a yak-haired rope and keep this [weapon] around his waist, as he would con­stantly engage in fighting…

The Guidebook to the Hidden Land of Pemokö

by Jat­sön Nyingpo (1585–1656)

The Guide­book to the Hid­den Land of Pemokö[1] is a revealed treas­ure text (gter ma), included in the Kön­chok Chidü.[2] It is a pre­dic­tion text (lung bstan) about the future degen­er­ate times and pur­portedly the first guide­book to the hid­den land of Pemokö.

E MA HO! One such as I, the Lake-Born Pad­masambhava, meandered through­out India like a river for 3028 [years] and stayed in the region of Ü in cent­ral Tibet for 111 years. In Chā­mara,[3] the coun­try of the rākṣasa demons, I led the red-faced [can­ni­bals] to the Dharma. I estab­lished all beings in happiness.

ཀུན་དགའ་དཔལ་ལྡན། kunga Palden 

By Ryan Jac­ob­son and Ten­zin Choephel

Kunga Pelden (kun dga’ dpal ldan) was born near the Sakya Mon­as­tery of Galen­teng (dga’ len steng) near to Derge’s Lhun­drub­teng Mon­as­tery (sde dge lhun grub steng)1 in the year 1878. He entered into the reli­gious life of a mon­ast­ic when he was young, but he con­duc­ted him­self in a rough man­ner as he would con­stantly engage in fight­ing. Even in his mon­ast­ic com­munity he .…


 Our Key Translators

Geshi Rinchen Wangyal 

1. Dre­pung Losel Ling Mon­as­tery – Pra­jna­para­m­ita stud­ies (Buddhist philosophy)

2. Insti­tute of Buddhist Dia­lectics – Geshe (Sutra and Tan­tric studies)

3. Teach­er and Trans­lat­or at Dre­pung Losel Ling Med­it­a­tion & Sci­ence Center

Phurpa Dorjee Gyaldhong 

1. Sheng Zangxiao (省藏校) — Major in Tibetan and Chinese Secretary

2. Col­lege for High­er Tibetan Stud­ies — BA in Tibetan Studies

3. Inde­pend­ent research­er and translator 

Michael Elison

1. The Uni­ver­sity of Oxford — MPhil in Tibetan & Him­alay­an Studies 

2. Anglia Ruskin Uni­ver­sity, Cam­bridge. CELTA qualified

3.Studied Tibetan at Oxford, SOAS, and Dharamsala 

4. Train­ing in Java and Web Development

Ryan Jacobson

1. The Uni­ver­sity of Oxford — MSt in Ori­ent­al Studies 

2. Naropa Uni­ver­sity —            MA in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism with Lan­guage (hon­ours)

3. Nītārtha Insti­tute — Inter­me­di­ate Certificate

4. Stud­ied Tibetan at Oxford, Naropa Uni­ver­sity, and in Nepal

Tom Greensmith

1. The Uni­ver­sity of Oxford — MPhil in Tibetan & Him­alay­an Studies

2. Brunel Uni­ver­sity — Amer­ic­an Stud­ies. (2.1)

3. Stud­ied Tibetan at Oxford, Dharam­sala, and in Nepal

4. Eng­lish Lan­guage Instruct­or — CELTA Qualified

Tenzin Choephel

1. The Uni­ver­sity of Oxford — MPhil in Tibetan & Him­alay­an Studies

2. Col­lege for High­er Tibetan Stud­ies — BA in Tibetan Studies

3. Tibetan Lan­guage instruct­or at SOAS

4. Stud­ied Buddhist Philo­sophy at Dre­pung Losel­ing Monastery

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