What We Do

We offer a wide choice of Tibetan courses, with tail­or-made pro­grammes designed for learners of all levels. Wheth­er you are look­ing for reg­u­lar 1‑to‑1 ses­sions or an intens­ive pro­gramme, you will find the best fit for your needs.

We also have free-to-access resources on our social media page to help you con­tin­ue devel­op­ing your Tibetan skills. Suit­able for every­one from begin­ners to more advanced learners.

Online Tibetan Lessons

Tail­or-made, real-time classes delivered by exper­i­enced, nat­ive-speak­ing teach­ers at your convenience. 

Winter and Summer Schools

Intens­ive three-week Tibetan courses emphas­ising com­mu­nic­a­tion and core skills whilst build­ing know­ledge of key gram­mar and vocabulary.

Digital Workshops

Our digit­al work­shops cov­er a broad range of sub­jects, from Buddhism and Tibetan his­tory to con­tem­por­ary lit­er­at­ure and translation. 

I was ready to take my very basic abil­ity to read Tibetan script to the next level and learn basic con­ver­sa­tion­al lan­guage skills […] My skills improved in con­crete and last­ing ways, and I had fun every single day.