Tibetan Language Summer School

Our Tibetan Lan­guage Sum­mer School is being delivered online for 2022. Inform­a­tion about future courses will be announced in due course.

We run courses for four levels: begin­ner; pre-inter­me­di­ate; inter­me­di­ate; and advance.

Details about our courses can be found below. More inform­a­tion on upcom­ing courses will be released in Septem­ber 2022.

Each course includes:

    • 30 hours of online lan­guage tuition (Monday-Fri­day; 10 hours a week) via video con­fer­ence in groups of no more than 15
    • 10 hours of online sem­inars on a range of top­ics related to Tibetan his­tory, lan­guage, and culture
    • Ded­ic­ated IM group allow­ing you to con­tact your tutor and chat with oth­ers on your course
    • Tibetan lan­guage materials 

Timetable of both in-per­son and online classes can be found here

Applic­a­tions for our 2022 online Sum­mer School close July 20. The course takes place between 8th and 26th August. To guar­an­tee your place, early applic­a­tion is advised, as many courses tend to reach max­im­um capa­city quickly.

If you would like more inform­a­tion or have any ques­tions, please get in touch.

This is our fourth summer school. We have had 100% positive feedback from our students.

VENUE: Online (zoom)
LENGTH: Three Weeks (8- 26 August)
LEVELS: Ele­ment­ary/Pre-Inter­me­di­ate/In­ter­me­di­ate/Ad­vanced
MINIMUM AGE: 15 years old
HOURS: 2 hours of lan­guage les­sons per day with an addi­tion­al hour-long even­ing les­son on Buddhism and cul­ture)
CLASS SIZE: Aver­age 8, max­im­um 15 stu­dents in each class.
TIMETABLE: Monday-Fri­day, morn­ing and after­noon.

Beginners Course

Inter­ested in learn­ing Tibetan? This course cov­ers the Tibetan alpha­bet, basic gram­mar, and essen­tial

By the end of this course stu­dents should:


    • be famil­i­ar with the Tibetan alpha­bet and dif­fer­ent con­son­ant and vow­el combinations
    • be able to read simple Tibetan words
    • be able to pro­duce some simple Tibetan phrases

Pre-Intermediate Course

Already stud­ied a little Tibetan but would like some more prac­tice? This course cov­ers simple gram­mar, essen­tial vocab­u­lary, and basic spoken Tibetan.

By the end of this course stu­dents should:


    • be able to identi­fy and use simple gram­mat­ic­al structures
    • become pro­fi­cient with a Tibetan dictionary
    • be able to read quickly with cor­rect pronunciation
    • be able to read short stor­ies and media art­icles with simple grammar

Intermediate Course

The inter­me­di­ate course is designed for those who have con­sid­er­able know­ledge of Tibetan lan­guage and grammar. 

This course aims to broaden lan­guage skills, intro­duce stu­dents to a rich and act­ive vocab­u­lary, and devel­op increas­ingly soph­ist­ic­ated skills in read­ing and trans­la­tion through enga­ging with a range of texts.  


Advanced Course

The advanced course is designed for those who can con­fid­ently speak and under­stand Tibetan, and who wish to improve their read­ing and writ­ing skills. The lan­guage of instruc­tion will be in Tibetan only.

Stu­dents on this course will advance their read­ing and trans­la­tion skills through enga­ging with a range of texts and top­ics, includ­ing Buddhist texts, news­pa­pers, and con­tem­por­ary lit­er­at­ure. They will also focus on the exten­ded writ­ing pro­cess, where they are encour­aged to plan and draft let­ters, blog posts, and simple essays in Tibetan.




Easyt­ibetan ran a won­der­ful, intense learn­ing exper­i­ence and always went the extra mile to make sure that all stu­dents were accom­mod­ated as much as pos­sible, in light of our dif­fer­ent learn­ing needs and abil­it­ies. The text we used is one of the best lan­guage-learn­ing texts I’ve seen yet, and I highly recom­mend this course.”

Riam­sara Kuyakan­on Knapp

As a com­plete begin­ner, I found the Col­lo­qui­al Tibetan Sum­mer School a won­der­ful exper­i­ence. The teach­er was so gen­er­ous in his teach­ing, and, with his patient encour­age­ment, by the end of the fort­night I was begin­ning to decode this most bewil­der­ing of writ­ten lan­guages. I fully recom­mend the course to any­one will­ing to ‘try hard’, and would myself hap­pily return year after year.”

Jenny Skene

The teach­er was a very patient ded­ic­ated instruct­or; the course was well organ­ized with drills in each of the areas of speak­ing, listen­ing, read­ing, and writ­ing; and I greatly enjoyed get­ting to know my very diverse class­mates as well as enga­ging in the fre­quent cul­tur­al activ­it­ies.  My skills improved in con­crete and last­ing ways, and I had fun every single day.

 Paul Sir­eci